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Posted by Sharon Danosky | Posted in The Philanthropy Therapist | Posted on 22-02-2012


Dear Friends,

I am taking my blogging commitment seriously and plan to write more frequently so as to keep you reading and engaged! Last week, I referenced the importance of communicating with your donors and taking the extra step to keep in touch even when there are no pressing issues to discuss. If you haven’t had the opportunity to read that entry yet, please check it out!

One of the things that caused me to scramble and allowed me to neglect my blogs was losing power during the freak blizzard that hit most of Connecticut and other regions on 10/28.  I was without power for 8 days – a trying ordeal that had me visiting local coffee shops, my gym, and friends – anywhere I could find power to keep things moving.  When the power came on, it was a matter of scrambling to catch up.  Even more frustrating, this storm came on the back of a hurricane that also caused power losses.  During that period, I learned that the tools, systems, and routines that build seamless day-to-day activity are so easily taken for granted.  When we are without the essentials that keep our lives running smoothly, we are suddenly faced with many “work-arounds” that eat up an enormous amount of time and energy.

Being without power is such a huge metaphor. Similar to losing your footing during the day due to a power outage or change in routine, an organization left without strong and dependable tools, systems, routines, and resources will leave your staff scrambling and forced to figure out their own “work-arounds.”

So, it begs the question: what are you doing to generate the power you need to run your organizations? Ignoring the systems you need to put into place, and assuming you can ‘make do’ for just one more day will not further your vision. In fact, it will set you back and make it harder and harder to move your organization forward.  You need to generate the power that will drive your organization into the future:

- Build and reinforce your infrastructure – invest in the people and tools to move the vision forward.

- Provide or seek resources to fuel the engine – generate the revenue that can secure your investment.

Whether it is revamping your organization internally or developing financial systems to plan for the future of generating revenue, these are the elements that will allow an organization to generate the power to get the work done.

Luckily, my generator arrived last week and is being installed as I write. I do not want to be powerless again.

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